Why do I need an Car Or Motorbike MOT?
An MOT (Ministry of Transportation test) is a thorough annual examination of your vehicle. They are required when your vehicle is three years old or more. The main things that are covered by the MOT are safety of your vehicle and the level of emissions in the exhaust. (VOSA) The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency is responsible for ‘licensing’ both the MOT test station and the MoT tester. Cars & Vans must be examined every 12 months, and this is the owners responsibility. Without an MOT certificate, you are unable to renew your road tax and your car may not be insured. It is a legal requirement to have a current MOT certificate in the UK. Motoring safely is of course of paramount importance, so the checks undertaken are all geared at identifying problems that need immediate attention, but also you may also be advised of the need to have things looked at in the future (advisory items). You can have your vehicle MOT tested up to 28 days in advance of its due date.

As a UK road user you have a duty of care to ensure your Car or motorbike is roadworthy. And the only formal way of declaring your motorbike as roadworthy is to pass the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test.

Your motorbike does not require an MOT until it is three years old however once it is you will need to pass an MOT every year to keep your bike legally on the road.
Riding without a valid MOT can result in a £1,000 fine and will definitely invalidate your insurance – an equally costly business if you’re involved in an accident and need to claim.

Give us a call on 01797 329118 and we can arrange a convenient time to conduct the MOT test on your car. our friendly staff are here to help.
Our MOT Price is £39 with no re-test fee if your car fails its initial MOT test

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